Haz 232015
The Miracle mural

The Miracle mural Mural-Ist Wall Painting Festival gives birth to a new miracle. The painter Rustam Qbic comes from Russia-Tatarstan. He says that he is painting the picture of his pregnant wife on the wall. For him, it is a “miracle”. “The Miracle” mural painting is located on the rear wall of a building in […]

Haz 182015
A graffiti from Taksim

A graffiti from Taksim The following graffiti is from Istiklal street, Taksim. Camera: Olympus SZ-20 Photographer: ahmet aksoy Place: Istiklal str, Taksim Date: June 17th, 2015 Actually, there were many more graffities on the walls, but I had no time to photograph them. I hope, I can go there as soon as possible once more […]

Haz 182015
It is a humanity shame!

It is a humanity shame! A graffiti drawn by famous French photographer and street artist JR covered by gray last month. Some citizens blame Fatih municipality for the action. The municipality says they will make an explanation in a few days. The destroyed graffiti was belonged to the project ‘The Wrinkles of the City’. It […]

Haz 132015
Graffities are not eternal

Graffities are not eternal Graffities are generally destroyed in a very short time period. They are not eternal. They are not protected with care. The paintings on the wall of railway bridge in Marmaray subway, Ayrilik Cesmesi (Falling Apart Fountain) station do not exist now. For a few weeks, these walls were empty, and covered […]